So Close!!

Hey everyone! 

It’s been a crazy few weeks with Merry Farmer staying, the LGBTQ+ book con in Blackpool, and easter, but it’s finally starting to settle down. Merry went home yesterday and I’m now writing the last quarter of book 14. I say that a bit tongue-in-cheek, as the boys sometimes sweep in with something important they want me to add, but so far, the end is going to plan! 

I had some wonderful news last month from my eldest daughter, which I can now share. She is expecting her third child with her new partner, which means I will be a Grandma again! This will be Grandchild number 10! (3 from my husband’s side) It really is good news after losing my son Cade last year, news that has given the family such a much need boost of life energy. 

The other thing I wanted to tell you was that I did a thing…I joined The 1 million step challenge with Diabetes UK, in honour of my son Cade! It runs from the 1st of July to the 30th of September, so I have 92 days to get those 1 million steps! Dear god I’m gonna die! Ha! I’d love you to sponsor me, even just a few quid (that’s common English for a £1 lol) to help raise awareness and funds for them to fight this life limiting disease, which effects so many, of all ages. I’ll put the link on the bottom but don’t feel pressured, I know things are tight right now for a lot of people all around the world. 

Anyway back to book 14. Star has been a lot more vocal lately, so I might add a short chapter from his POV. His mind is a bit chaotic, so it might be jumbled, but I feel like the end of this series needs to hear him, even if we all read it and go – shit, yeah lets leave him and his people to themselves. Hahaha! I’ll think about it, and if it is too crazy, I may just add in here as a free chapter. Now I’ve said that, I feel that might work better. Let me know your thoughts. 

I’m trying to get the paper backs sorted out for my books, so if I do a convention, I can offer them cheaper than the Zon. The problem I have is I write such long books. I’m also changing the Streetboys series to the bigger size book, 6×9, to allow for its large page counts, as Finders Keepers – Home just didn’t work. The print had to be so small you’d all need magnifiers to read it. Once I get them sorted, I’ll let you know. I’m also going to change a couple of the book covers. Book 1 – Hunters moon – definitely, I’ve never been really happy with the silhouetted people, maybe book2 and the title of book 14! I know it’s not out yet but I made the decision on it too quickly in the middle of grieving and I’m disappointed with it. We’ll see what happens. 

Along with this subject is the problem I have with Isaac, the first book of his series. The zon banned it (I think its content got reported) and I haven’t wanted to draw attention to it in case they decided to look at the others! I may have to bite the bullet and call them, and see what the issue is, to see if I can rectify it enough for the powers that be. 

Well that’s all for now. I’ll try and add some new clips to the site, but it’s hard to do them now before the last book is out with the full family dynamic. I don’t want spoil anything for anyone. As a treat for dropping by, I’ll give you another teaser next week


Taylor x  

Here’s the link to sponsor if you can! Thank you! 

The Little Tease

Ahh sorry I’m behind! I meant to write this on Monday and it’s now Thursday, but, I have the best excuse! I am deep in my writing cave, and feel the end for Joe and Leo’s last book is in sight. Of course, I can’t imagine it being the end, end, but it will be their journey’s end. 

It’s a really emotional rollercoaster this one, as you’re probably expecting. Keep reading and below you’ll find a little teaser of Joe and Layton. 

As for other news. My house guest Merry Farmer has left for the Paris convention. She’ll be back on Monday for a day before heading back to the USA. 

I’ve got a set of twinky twins that are asking me to tell their story. Their names are Florence and Frances (Flo and Fra) I’m not a hundred percent – because I’m trying not to pay them any attention while I’m writing lol – but I think Flo is pretty much a 24/7 little and Fra, a middle, who has to step up to look after his bro. It’s going to be cesty, and their story is the beginning of something more, but I’ll tell you about that once Joe and Leo’s story is done. Sorry to be a tease – Sorry not sorry! 

Excerpt from Chapter two. – Layton and Joe (This is unedited and could change) 

“Does he call you Master all the time?” The question left me before I could check myself. I hadn’t meant to ask that one out loud, I was just curious if it meant something. Layton dropped the three waters in front of me, and then dropped onto his knees and drew a circle on the matting around my feet with the pencil, giving me about a couple of inches within the circle. He hadn’t answered so I spoke again. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.” Layton sighed and got up and stood in front of me. 

“I’ll answer this one question for you, so you understand what your presence here has caused, but you don’t get to ask any other questions until you’ve answered mine…honestly.”  I swallowed hard as he looked at me. “The reason Isaac is calling me Master right now, is because your arrival here has worried him. He’s letting me know his place, he’s letting me know he’s vulnerable, and feels anxious because of you being here. Think about that while you wait.” 

He walked over to the dresser and replaced the pencil in the drawer and spoke as he turned to me gain. “Why have you come here, Joe?” 

“To apologise…” 

“Yeah, you’ve already said that. I think there’s more. Funny that, that I don’t trust you.” Before I could speak, he pointed to the circle he’d just drawn. “That is about as much space as I’m prepared to give you right now. Step out of it, and I’ll have you removed from my property and put back on the street.” What the fuck?! “Isaac and I are going to have breakfast, and await Peter’s arrival.  

“You, are going to stay here and think about the reason you’ve defied the advice of your Dom who loves you, who was willing to give his life for you, and who cares about you. To me, that tells me you’re still untrustworthy, and don’t forget the look of uncertainty in Isaac’s eyes when he looked at you…” I had to say something. 

“That’s because you told him I was a junkie! You created that fear…” 

“Is it a lie then?” I slammed my teeth together and scowled at him. “Is it, Joe? Or maybe I’ll stick to JJ until I know otherwise. Isaac is just one of many people in my house who’s vulnerable. You brought yourself onto my property, into my house without authorisation or request. I have every right to protect the people who live here, from someone who’s invited himself in without a care for anyone else.” 

“I’m in recovery…I’m clean, I’m better. I mean no harm to anyone…” Isaac came from the bedroom stopping anything else I was going to say, as Layton growled quietly to me. 

“Hold out your junkie arm so Isaac remembers what you are.” The fuck? “Do it, or leave.” Jesus hell fuck. Spencer was right, he was a dick too. I pushed out my arm as Isaac joined him. The look on his face, as he looked again and frowned worriedly, hurt. 

“Master? May I go home with Peter today?” Layton pulled him into his body and kissed him. 

“Of course, Baby Boy. Come on.” He pulled him away and started walking off. What the hell? What about me? 

“What the hell am I supposed to do?” Layton glanced back at me. 

“Use the space I’ve given you to think about being honest with me, then we can start on your apology. Oh, and don’t forget to keep hydrated, it stops the muscles from cramping.” And then they left. 

There you go…he he! I’ll be putting this up into the Facebook group at the end of April, and may even add a little more, but we’ll see!  

I must get on! I feel like I’m writing the last quarter now so hopefully it won’t be too long. I’ve actually had someone reread what I’ve written so far, as I feared it wasn’t great, but I’ve been surprised by the response so that means I won’t have to edit and rewrite as much as I thought!  


Taylor x 

The Indie Pride Book Con


A belated post, due to being away.

I just spent an amazing weekend in Blackpool at The Indie Pride Book Con! It was brilliant and I met some amazing people, readers and authors, including Eloise East and Alex J. Adams. It took so long to get up there from South London. The M6 was a constant stop/start with accidents, but seven hours later we made it. The journey home was quicker, thank goodness.

I’d never been to one before, so wanted to attend to scope it out and see how it all worked. I’m not very brave to just jump into these things, but I had such an amazing time, I’m definitely thinking of doing one in the future.

As I was away, I’ve not been able to update anything more on the website, but I’ll give it sometime hopefully this week. I’m still looking for pictures of the boys, Isaac, Layton, Marcus, and Kendal. Not quite found the right fits for these guys.

Since being back, I’ve tried to jump straight into writing again. Merry Farmer – another great author – is staying with me so we’ve been doing writing stints in the day to get each other motivated! It’s slowly picking up and currently I’m writing scenes with Julian and each one of Leo Star’s people. They’ve all got something to say about Joe’s return. I’m enjoying writing it, as it means we get a better, more in-depth look at his people. I plan to do some short stories with them once book 14 is completed, so these are just little meets to get to know them… and there may be a little surprise in there, but my lips are sealed! Hopefully when you read it, it will make you smile!

It’s a busy weekend ahead, as easter is upon us, and I’m having family over for some easter games and treats. The clocks go forward too, so that will mean longer days! I just need the warmer weather to catch up! The sun makes you feel so much better!

Thanks you to all those who’ve visited and left a message in the guestbook! I love hearing from you and I hope you continue to pop back. If you head over to the Freebies section in books, you’ll find a whatsapp chat between Julian and Spencer! Those two wind each other up something chronic! It always makes me smile. Julian usually knows what to say to pull him back in line though!


Taylor x x

A little update.


This post is a little late as it’s been a bit crazy. I’m off to Blackpool this weekend with my husband and my Author friend from across the seas, Merry Farmer, who is staying with us for a few weeks. It’s a long six to seven hour drive so that’ll be fun. 

It’s the LGBTQ+ Indi Pride Book Con 2024, and I’m excited as I’ve never been to one before! On this occasion, I’m not going as an author, just as a reader, but I’m hoping to meet all those authors I usually only get see on screen on Facebook. 

If you’re going, then pop by and see Merry Farmer, I probably won’t be far away… I may be at the sweetie stall, I hear they doing some pic n mix! My favourite lol 

You won’t miss me, I’ll have bright pink hair! Since Christmas, I’ve been dying my hair rather vibrant colours to cheer myself up, and to make my world a little brighter. I was red over Christmas and have since played about with some pink, but this will be bright! I’ll put up some photo’s once I’m back. 

So what do you think of the website? Anything you’d like to see? To know? Playing around with this and the characters from the book, really has helped me stay in their world. I’ve been in a huge panic and suffered lots of anxiety because the words just weren’t coming since losing my son. I pushed myself to write words and ended up deleting them because they weren’t right. 

It’s been highly frustrating, as the story is there in my head. I know how it goes, and I know what happens, and to not be able to put that into words, has been agonising…but, I’ve finally had a breakthrough. 

The story is coming together, words are being put down, and when I get up the next day and read them, I’m actually liking them and not trashing them. I’m not as far in as I wanted to be. I wanted to be near the finish by now, but I’m about two thirds through. Once the story is complete, it’s going to need a fair bit of editing, but I’ve had moments of wondering if I’d ever be able to write again, as the pain and grief of losing my son stole my air for a long while. So to be even thinking about the finish line, fills me with such relief and tearful joy. 

So, about the book. It’s going to be another big one, I’m afraid! But you know, at book 14, it’s a bit late to go small lol There’s a lot to put in this one too.  

It starts out with Joe trying to cement his place in his new world, but it’s not a world that lets people in easily, and that makes for some emotional scenes. There’s a lot of people who are involved too, especially when Joe finally gets home. The scene where Star sees him for the first time after two years is heart-breaking, and not sweet way.  

We are getting to see more of Leo and his people, and that is a rollercoaster of sweet and nasty, as he comes to terms with seeing his friend. Julian’s got his work cut out. He thought it would get easier once Joe was home? He might need to think again! 

There’ll definitely be an epilogue, where we’re see six months on because we need it, right? And that will definitely be followed up with other stories. 

Something else I’ve struggled with these past months is reading too. I haven’t been able to get into a book, so I decided to try an audio book to see if it helped me. At first I wasn’t sure, it was my first time listening to the story, and, this might sound strange, it took a bit of learning to get into the story and to be able to picture it like I do when I read. Anyway, it’s become a part of my daily walk, to the point I’m avoiding people because the stories at a good bit and I don’t want to talk! 

I’m currently listening to The Unbreakables: Volume 1 by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliot. Narrated by Kenneth Obi. I’d like to listen to a British based story with an English narrator to see how it feels. Let me know if you know of a good audible story. 

It has peaked my interest in reading again so I may hunt for a book when I get back from Blackpool. 

Anyway, that’s me done for now. I’ll check in once I’m back from the book con! 

Take care and TTFN (Ta ta for now) 

Tj x 

Fresh Perspective

Hi there! 

This is just a quick update of what’s happening right now. 

I’m working on the last Streetboys Series book. It’s really slow going because, as a lot of you know, I lost my son at the end of June last year. He was 28 years old and a diabetic type one – which means he was on insulin. He’d been really poorly for a while, but his death was unexpected, caused by a sepsis infection, and was pretty shocking. 

Since then my head and thought process has struggled to find its way. I was able to get Stellar Evolution – Hope out in November last year, but that’s because the story was pretty much written and just need some fine editing. This next book however is from scratch, although some scenes are already written, I’m struggling to get words down on the page and sometimes when I do, I’m not happy with them. 

Since the new year, things have improved a little, and the characters are starting to talk and make sense to me again. The words are coming but it’s slow, and I wouldn’t want to rush this last book, you’ve all waited so long for it, and I won’t put anything out that I’m not happy with. So there might be a delay but it’s coming, and Joe and Leo Star will have their ending! 

Anyway, I hope you like the new website! I managed to drag my son into helping me as I’m so technically challenged! I think he’s done an amazing job, and there’ll be ongoing improvements all the time, so pop back often. If you’re in our Facebook group – Leigh and Taylors kinksters café – 

 – then I’ll let you know when anything new comes along. 

Please have a look around, there’s lots of extra’s here about the characters, and you get my unsolicited views on them, the places they frequent and other snippets. I’ve added some pictures in just for fun too and eventually – when my writing brain kicks in fully – I’ll be putting up shorts of interactions between characters, either in short stories or short messages between them. 

Before you go, drop by the guestbook page and leave a comment for me, even to just say hi. I love hearing from you, and I’d love to hear your views on the characters too, who’s your favourite, who you love to hate, and who’s your Sweetheart! 

Take care  

Love Tj x