Streetboys Series

Joe and Leo are two street boys who’ve been making a living selling their services on the street. Well, mostly Joe, Leo doesn’t like to, the customers scare him so Joe has pretty much carried him for the last four years, until, that was, Layton, a guy that came by now and again, dropped by. He was a regular do-gooder, offering food and a warm shower in the safehouse around the corner and Joe liked him.  

They’d become sort of friends over the years, well as friends as you could get with a virtual stranger. On this occasion he’d come with his sweet twinky boyfriend, or his boy, as Layton called him and it was Isaac that discovered that Leo had been keeping a secret from Joe. 

Joe always knew that Leo was different, that he didn’t see the world like the other boys in the alley. The other boys called him names and stupid, but Joe only ever saw a young boy struggling. In the space of a day, everything changes and Joe not only learns his friend is a needy pain freak, but also about a world and a place that opens their houses for boys just like Leo, to live their lives freely, twenty- four-seven.   

Joe agrees to leave with Leo to explore this new world and place, and try and learn about his friend, who he was just starting to realise he loved, but the move starts a rollercoaster of a battle to understand Leo and the new life Layton is offering them. 

Leo, at first, doesn’t want to leave their old life behind, but before long, it’s Joe who’s struggling to keep up. The bond between them is strong, but the walls around Joe are closing in and Leo seems to have a new path. Can Joe follow? Can Joe change to fit in with his friends needs?  

The move to this new world is just the start of a journey where they’ll both have to fight to stay together. Where more secrets come to light, where they’ll need the help of their friends both new and old, and where one family becomes the difference between life and death for both of them.

Secrets and Promises

Don’t Forget!

Secrets and Promises is a crossover book from the Isaac Series to the Streetboys Series. It depicts scenes of MM sex, BDSM, prostitution and talks about self-harm and rape.