Laytons House

These pictures are only a rough idea of how I see Layton’s house. (In one of them, clients are visiting lol) It’s located on a private estate just outside of the main city, so it’s more contained than most other slave houses. This would be the front where clients and visitors enter. The private access – where friends can head straight down into Layton’s basement – would be around the back, where you’d see the extensions of the house, where the slave quarters would be, and you’d see the turret.  

Originally, it was an old workhouse. It has an old turret like building which could have possible been a chimney or even an old turret from a castle in the days gone by. Layton took on this old house and built his house and slave house around it, using the basement area as his own private quarters, where you’ll often find him and Isaac tucked away in the bedroom – It’s Isaac’s favourite place. (You can look at their basement in a separate tab) 

Even though it’s a slave house, I always get a warm feeling from his house, like everyone is settled there in their places, almost to the point of boring lol  

I think this is why his Keepers liked the arrival of Isaac, and then Orion, who tends to slip away from his Keeper now and again for a walk about – for reasons no one knows yet – and Joe and Leo’s arrival in the Street boys. They brought something different to the house, a little excitement and entertainment. 

His slave house isn’t as big as some of them in their world, he has about twenty-five rooms for his slaves, and has a separate wing for staff quarters, for people like Bea and Hazel. There’s the large kitchen area and joint dining area, and a seating area, Layton’s offices, and a large library. Layton tends to train up new slaves, either ones he bought in or that have been given to him to train for other slave owners. He has a few slaves that are permanent usually because of their needy ways.   

Layton – Slave house Owner 

Leon – second in command and Keeper to Sim 

Bea – Cook and housekeeper. Was a slave when she was younger 

Hazel – Bea’s second – Leo Star’s het love and fantasy. Started out as a slave but found the regime and place too restricting. 

House Doctors 

Kurt – friend of Layton/ partnered with Guy 

Guy – friend of Layton/partnered with Kurt 

Jim – Dentist at Layton’s 

Jack – trainee Dr at Layton’s 

Melonie – Trainee Dr at Layton’s 

SLAVES – (changeable) 


Sim – Keeper is Leon 

Elan – Keeper is Anton 

Orion – Keeper is Michael 

Finn – Keeper is Rae 

Kye – Keeper is Harris 

Beau – Keepers is Lloyd 

Todd – Keeper is Miller 

Jax – Keeper is  

Etta – Keeper is 

Maddison – Not arrived yet! 


Kessia – keeper is  

Cara – Keeper is 

Fawn – Keeper is 

Clients – changeable 

Logan Formant – client of Layton’s  

James – (Regular of Sim)