Hey! As readers we all make up our own image in our heads of the characters we read about, and I love that about words on a page, that everyone will see it all so differently to each other, so this is just my take on them. This is just another fun bit of how I vaguely see the characters and some of their Bio’s. Not everyone has a full bio, as not all the characters have shared everything with me yet, and sometimes I feel that pasts can be complicated and just knowing an odd snippet is enough. 

It’s a great reference for me too when I write, as my memory is like a fish, and remembering who has what colour eyes, and who’s got a cut dick and who hasn’t, and how many sugars they have in the copious amounts of tea they drink, it takes a lot of brain matter! Anyway, the photos are just my vague ideas, and some don’t have photo’s yet because I haven’t found a picture that’s made me go, Yes! That’s a close look for so-and-so.  

If anyone ever sees a picture and thinks it’s one of the missing, please send it over, but I tell you now, I’m picky so don’t get upset if it doesn’t make the board! Also on the same note, if you find something missing or not correct, give me a shout! 

All of these things are open to change over time as the characters grow and I rewrite things, but have fun looking around. 

Pick a character and start exploring

Leo Star