The books I write all form part of the same fictional universe. Some of the characters appear across multiple book series, to find out more about the individual characters click here. If you’re more interested in the individual books please select a series to explore and find out more.

Isaac Series

Isaac is a slave. He’s been a slave since the day he turned eighteen. He likes it, he’s good at it. Follow his journey through this 6 book series about his adventures.

Secrets & Promises

Secrets and Promises is a crossover book from the Isaac Series to the Streetboys Series. It depicts scenes of MM sex, BDSM, prostitution and talks about self-harm and rape.


Follow the stories of Joe and Leo as they try to form new lives away from selling their services on the street.



Julian is currently having a health check. (Nasty things those) It was my very first piece of written work and it has never been edited or proofread, so it’s getting the once over for gramma and stuff. The story will not change, or the manner it was written.  

It will have a pretty new cover once it’s completed! 


Joel is set after the book Julian and before the Isaac series.  

Joel is a slave in Kellen’s house and has got himself into a bit of trouble, but not to worry, Pierre, his Keeper, knows exactly the person Joel needs to see!