Jacob’s House

No picture yet, I’ve not found anything that even remotely reminds me of Jacob’s bungalow. I do love this house! It gives me the warm fuzzies, although that’s not how it started out. It’s been the core of most of the books, and possible been in every book so far (Gonna have to check that fact!) First seen in the Isaac series the first book, although it’s been through some changes since! 

Julian built it for Jacob, basically so he had somewhere to keep him when he didn’t need him. (This was back in the early days.) It’s all on one level, but the land drops at the rear which is why there’s a porch and steps down into the garden. It’s surrounded by rolling hills and forest and not near any town or cites. 

The hub of it though, has always been the kitchen, and that’s where the family come together for mealtimes and discussions. It’s a huge kitchen, modern but warm and homely, with a large oak table running down it’s middle, with enough seats for ten. There’s this huge double fronted fridge that sits down at the end. It’s where Isaac got himself into strife, and that led to them putting an alarm on it. 

So originally it just had three rooms, Isaac’s, Jacob’s, and what was Peter’s old room (Where Joe and Leo stayed originally) As the occupants grew, so the house had to. It now has ten bedrooms. Jacob’s, Isaac’s, Star’s, Spencer’s, Joe’s, Kendal’s, and four guest rooms! All rooms have their own bathroom apart from the far two guest rooms which share a bathroom between them. I hope eventually to draw up a floor plan to explain this better! 

Also on this level is a large comfy seating area, filled with sofas and chairs, beanbags, and an array of bookshelves. Just after Isaac’s room is the door to the basement (You can check out the basement tab separately). In a separate hallway to the left of the front door, as you come through it, where they built the new wing of the house, is Star’s nursery and dressing room, and another set of stairs that lead down to a separate basement play area.  

I’ve put in a few vague pictures here, but not quite found the vibe I want. I’ll continue to look and if you come across anything you think fits, please send them along!