Julian’s House

The picture is a kind of view from the street, although in the book it’s on more of hill/slope but the surrounding trees work. It has the fence running on the side which splits his place from Jacob’s, although they all belong on the same private land. 

In the beginning, this was where Julian lived and returned to after spending time with Kellen, mainly stopping down in the basement to escape. It’s the place Peter first stayed with him when they left Kellen’s. Peter then returned and moved into one of the spare rooms upstairs before acquiring his own place (We’ve never seen it) It has a large wooden front door which is never locked as the place is surrounded by security. 

You enter a large entrance hallway, and there’re steps on the right heading up to the bedrooms, and double doors on the left leading to the large, almost stately room, that Julian uses for business. The basement door is dead ahead. To the left of the basement door is a corridor that will take you through to the back of the house. There’s a tucked away snug area to the left before you enter the kitchen, then you head through to the kitchen and dining area, which has patio doors leading out to the back garden.  

Running off from the kitchen area is another small corridor on the right with storage cupboards, and another door that will take you down to the basement area. It also has a side door to outside, which takes you to the side porch that Star likes to sit on sometimes, which faces Jacob’s house, although you can’t see it through the woods. 

You mainly see the first floor of this house written about in the book Peter, when he’s relaying his backstory and then in the Streetboys series, when they stay at Julian’s while Jacob’s house is being extended.