Kellen’s House

The lands that these slave houses are built on is private and vast, affording them the privacy they need, and Kellen’s is no different.  

In my head I see it as one of these really large old mansion houses with many rooms – which the slaves use as their rooms – but it also has the large big tall rooms, which Kellen uses for entertaining. 

We first get a glimpse of one of these rooms in the book Julian, when he does an unspeakable things to poor Jacob.  

We don’t know much about the inside of Kellen’s house, only that he keeps slaves. 

The next time we get a glimpse inside is in the Isaac Series, when Isaac is returned there to retake his place as a slave. We meet Maria, one of the house staff as she leads them to his new room. 

The next time we get inside Kellen’s house is with Layton, in the Streetboys series when he heads there to pick up Julian who hasn’t returned after playing. 

We also get a glimpse of how vast the land is when we visit Bernard’s little house in Stellar Evolution – Hope, and find out not everything is above ground. 

Kellen – Slave house Owner 

??? – Second in command 

Bernard – Kellen’s personal house slave 

Maria – Housemaid 

Victor – Eddies twin bro -Kellen’s House – Doctor(No credentials) 

Eddie – Victor’s twin bro -works with Victor at Kellen’s house – detoxing junkies 

Devon – Keeper – missing 

Rorke – Keeper – missing 

SLAVES – changeable 

Joel – Keeper is Pierre 

Isaac – now left 

Eden – now left 

Jacob – now left 

CLIENTS – Changeable 

Doctor Beecher 

Rupert – and Douglas – play partners 

Douglas – and Rupert – play partners